Goodwins Best Price Promise

We promise the best value price every day to every customer. No haggling necessary, just up-front fair pricing for everyone, everyday.

Quantity deals also apply; the more you buy - the more you save. These deals are also available to every customer. *See T&C's.

Unlike some competitors, we don't increase our prices to hide the cost of delivery. If you are collecting from us, then you don't pay for another persons delivery. If you get a delivery, there's a up-front charge for that. Delivery is never "free" anywhere.

Our best prices are shown on the website giving every customer the benefit of our buying power.

We constantly monitor our prices and our competitor’s to ensure best value. However if you do buy an item from us and find the same product at a lower price elsewhere we will be happy to refund the difference. Our price promise is valid for 7 days from purchase.


The competitor’s product must be new, first quality & in stock for immediate collection/delivery. The competitor’s price must be published on a valid invoice or on promotional literature or on their website and be available to all customers; quotations or special customer pricing is excluded. Refund by way of coupon. We reserve the right to verify the details before making the refund.

Quantity deals only apply to a purchase on a single day. Purchases cannot be rolled-up over a period to qualify. Unless varied and agreed in writing by us.